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Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons Review

Is this the best Amazon Echo device available?

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The Amazon Echo Show is a voice-activated device. You can instruct it to play video content, play music, stream online audio, order products and services, and control home automation products. The Echo Show is the first device of its kind to feature its own screen, which in my opinion, greatly enhances the use and potential of these devices.

In this article, I review the Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons. I mention some of its key advantages over similar devices. I also cover some of its disadvantages and drawbacks. Is the Echo Show the best Amazon Echo ever? Or is it not ready for prime time? Continue reading to find out!

Amazon Echo Show pros and cons


Amazon Echo Show Pros

I’ve been using this device for a few weeks now. Here are some of the Echo Show Pros, features, and advantages I have found so far:

  • Good build quality: The Show has a nice, bright screen that has good viewing angles.
  • Good sound: The speakers on the Show sound much better than the original echo.
  • Easy setup: Setup was extremely easy, mostly due to the Show’s touch screen. After making a few selections, the Show was up and running in no time.
  • Content suggestions: When you aren’t interacting with the Show, it continuously displays content suggestions. I like that it will suggest videos to watch.
  • Video content: I like being able to view Amazon Video, video news briefings, movie trailers, and YouTube videos on the Show.
  • Video calling: Video calling works as advertised. I like being able to initiate a call with my voice.
  • Music with lyrics: When playing songs from Amazon Music, you can see album art and song lyrics on the screen.
  • Home automation: Like other Echos, the Show can control your smart home products. The show has the extra ability to display camera feeds.
  • On-screen apps: The echo can display my calendar, reminders, lists, timers, local weather, and more. Because of this, I find the Show infinitely more useful than the original Echo.

Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons - Cons - Disadvantages - Drawbacks

Amazon Echo Show Cons

No device is perfect, and the Show definitely has some drawbacks. Below are a few of the Echo Show cons:

  • The Show needs more functionality that leverages the touchscreen. I trust that new skills will be added over time but I’m disappointed that more wasn’t available at launch.
  • The Show should have an audio-out port.
  • I wish the Show could have a bigger screen option, a video-out port, and/or videocasting capability.
  • The show should not be used as an alarm clock at this point. There’s no backup battery solution at the moment. The display currently is too bright for a dark room.
  • The angle of the display and the camera cannot be adjusted.
  • None of the Echos can answer all of the questions the Google Home can answer.
  • None of the Echos can cast video to a TV like the Google Home can.
  • The Echo Show is not cheap.

How will I use the Amazon Echo Show

Here are my primary uses for the Show:

  • Playing Music from Amazon Music
  • Watching videos from YouTube
  • Controlling smart home products and displaying camera feeds

Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons Review - Should You Buy It


Amazon Echo Show vs Amazon Echo

If you are trying to decide between the Echo and the Echo Show, get the Show. You’ll get better audio plus the potential for much greater functionality via the touchscreen.

Amazon Echo Show vs Google Home

If you want to cast video and audio, Google Home is the better choice since none of the Echos can do this. Other than that, I recommend the Echo Show over the Google Home because it has more skills and it has a screen.

Yes, the Google Home can answer more complex questions. I just think people will use these devices more for consuming content and controlling smart home products than they will use them to ask complex questions.

I own both devices so I have the best of both worlds.

Suggested Improvements for the Echo Show

Here’s how I would change the Amazon Echo Show:

  • Add a physical home button and back button on the device and on a compatible remote.
  • Add a camera that can pan and zoom and track faces that are talking.
  • Include an audio-out port.
  • Add a separate alarm clock module that is resistant to downtime related to software patching, software crashes, network outages, etc.
  • Provide an option for displaying video on a bigger screen via a video-out port, videocasting, or bigger Echo Shows.
  • Enable the ability to customize the home page with custom apps, custom news feeds, social media feeds, etc.
  • Add the ability to display my commute route using google maps, with traffic.
  • Provide Skype support and allow voice initiated calls.
  • Add the ability to stream live TV from a cable box, TIVO, or the internet.
  • Add official apps (not just “Echo skills”) for SiriusXM, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. The YouTube app should allow you to log in and verbally access your playlists, history, subscribed channels, etc.

Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons - How I would change the Echo Show

Our Verdict

The Echo Show is the best Echo available. It’s also the best voice activated device available. The most noteworthy feature is the screen. The addition of the screen makes the Show infinitely better than any of the other options. With the Echo Show, you can see the result of your question or command, not just hear it!

Another reason I like the Show is the improved audio. I find the speakers on the Show to be much better than on the original Echo.

While display and touch specific functionality is limited at the moment, we can trust that both Amazon and 3rd party developers will add new functionality over time.

If you find the Show’s price to be too high, the Echo Dot is still a great device. It’s also not an expensive investment, should you decide to replace it with an Echo Show later.

Amazon Echo Show Review


The Amazon Echo Show is the best Amazon Echo device available. While it's missing some features, we believe its capabilities will grow over time, just like the original Echo.

  • Design 85%
  • Functionality 95%
  • Performance 85%
  • Value 80%

Will you Buy the Amazon Echo Show?

Are you going to buy the Amazon Echo Show? Are you still on the fence? Don’t know which Echo to buy? Use the comments section below to ask a question. We’ll help you decide what to do!

If you already have an Echo, and would like to ask a question or share a comment, please use the comments section below.

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